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EMEx is a Dutch-Indonesian company specialized in the markets of Southeast Asia and Oceania. We help our clients in two ways.

Our trading arm assists Southeast Asian and Oceanic companies/projects who want to export to the European Union and who want to find European investors.

Our intelligence arm assists companies who want to invest in the emerging markets of Southeast Asia and Oceania by providing actionable business intelligence. 

We are based in both Amsterdam and Jakarta. Our founders have years of experience in the emerging markets of Asia and Oceania while providing market intelligence and business solutions to foreign investors. Our main countries of expertise are Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand.

When working in Southeast Asia and Oceania, our founders were amazed by the untapped investment potential and export opportunities they encountered in those markets and decided to do something with that knowledge.

Our vision is to help Southeast Asian and Oceanic companies and brands capitalize upon their potential by connecting them to European buyers and investors.


Trade Agency / Representation
EMEx is well placed to represent Indonesian, Papua New Guinean, and other regional brands as trade agent. We have experience with trade promotion, market intelligence and make sure all our clients get access to our extensive network. An additional advantage is our excellent location, we are based in the Netherlands close to all major European markets.

We take great proud into connecting Southeast Asian and Oceanic suppliers to European end users. We believe in the potential of our clients and therefore go the extra mile by being their main point of contact for advise and representation in the European Union. Furthermore, we also believe information is key in convincing buyers and investors. Our combined approach of using market intelligence and trade promotion makes sure our clients have the best European representation they can get.

Market intelligence in Southeast Asia and Oceania
We also help companies who want to invest in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Our intelligence arm assists clients by providing actionable business intelligence about those markets. With our deep country and sector expertise you will be fully informed about the risks and opportunities needed to make the best investment decisions. We assist companies and organizations with market research, risk assessments, (geo)political analyses, live intelligence, due diligence services, forecasting and strategies.

Our vision is to help Southeast Asian and Oceanic companies capitalize upon their potential by helping them to access the European markets. Take a look at our services or contact us.

Our team ⇓

Our team

Tjeerd S. Ritmeester

Based in the Netherlands & Indonesia

Tjeerd is specialized in international and (geo)political analyses. He has an Asia-Pacific focus when it comes to international trade and is a specialist on the Middle East when it comes to (geo)politics. Tjeerd has worked at the Netherlands Foreign Ministry and the European Parliament before choosing a career in market intelligence. He has worked for 5 years in this field. Tjeerd worked and lived among others in Israel, Egypt, Abu Dhabi, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Contact me

Amit Jain

Based in Singapore

Amit helps clients navigate frontier and emerging markets. He puts strategy to action. Amit has over 20 years of experience in the most challenging countries around the world. He has made it his expertise to uncover opportunities in frontier markets and fragile states. There is no market Amit would not go to.

Erwin Adistiana

Based in Indonesia

Erwin is specialized in marketing and business development strategies. He studied economics in Jakarta and he is still based in Indonesia. He worked several years as a marketing specialist for Century 21. Erwin has an extensive South East Asia network and puts his knowledge into action for EMEx.

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