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EMEx is specialized in emerging markets and frontier markets. We conduct market research and risk advisory services.

About Us

Emerging Market Experts

EMEx helps organizations finding the information and data they need about emerging markets and frontier markets in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Pacific.

Why is our work important?
Making investment descisions in Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania can be challenging. Who is a reliable partner and what can I expect when investing in another market? EMEx helps clients answering the most important questions about investing abroad.

We help companies finding new investment opportunities but also with identifying risks and threats to their business activities. New and upcoming legislation on due diligence for internationally operating companies, including their supply chains, makes it even more important to make sure you are aware of all risks and to make sure your current due diligence process are covering all risks.

For who is this important?
EMEx helps the following companies:

  1. Companies who want to invest abroad but are unfamiliar with opportunities, risks, and realities of investing abroad;
  2. Companies who already invest abroad but want to explore new opportunities in specific markets/sectors;
  3. Companies who want to conduct specific risk advisory services as part of an investment project or their existing due diligence processes;
  4. Companies who want to map current and upcoming threats within their business activities and/or supply chains abroad;
  5. Companies interested in learning more about upcoming legislation on due diligence for supply chains and/or implementing frameworks such as the UNGP's;
  6. Organizations with an interest in international trade, economic diplomacy, and trade faciliation services;

What can you expect

EMEx works with specific benchmarks for all sectors and countries we cover. These benchmarks are based upon the principles as set out by international organizations and our own findings. We are happy to inform you about our benchmarks without obligation.

The following steps you can expect from us:

  1. Survey: to identify your specific needs, knowledge and existing procedures;
  2. Integration: we integrate the results of the survey into a proposal together with our benchmarks for that specific market/sector;
  3. Proposal: The client decides if our proposal is in his/her interest or not;
  4. Research: Together with our on-the-ground experts we conduct the research in a set time-frame;
  5. Report; Client receives a full report;
  6. Evaluation; Making sure all clients questions are sufficiently answered and if more research is needed;



EMEx helps organizations to find data and other information about emerging markets and frontier markets.

We enter the emerging and frontier markets on behalf of our clients.

We also provide our clients with actionable market entry reports, analyses, periodical updates, briefings, trainings and lectures.

We also help our clients entering emerging and frontier markets, we connect them to strategic partners, and help them with setting up relevant networks and promotion strategies.


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